How to avoid copyright infringement & generate tracklist of mixes and mashups for music streaming services

This is a guest post written by Benedikt Groß – Founder of

The German project is a music hosting and streaming service for music producers and sound creators and offers unlimited free music hosting and Premium plans for fair prices.

It hosts more than 1.100.000 audio files of any kind for more than 350.000 registered users worldwide. uses two of ACRClouds services, one is to identify content of uploaded material to prevent copyright infringements for content which was blocked by copyright owners prior.

On the other side we use ACRCloud world’s largest music fingerprint database to offer our users the special service of automatic tracklist generation for dj mixes, mashups, podcasts and shows, even with pitch shifts. These highly accurate tracklists are shown only minutes after uploading inside the details of the upload.

To manage the large amount of uploads each day, we split each upload in parts of 20 seconds each and let several processes check the fingerprints against ACRClouds database. 170.000 parts are analysed this way every day. 1.3 million tracks found in all uploads since we start using ACRCloud’s service in summer 2016.

With the Python SDK of ACRCloud creates the fingerprints to analyze just in less than a second. We use them to identify content within our ACRCloud buckets and to add own entries to our storage.

After merging, and filtering not relevant results, the completed tracklist with start and endpoints of each track is ready to show.

You can see an example of all the magic here:

ACRCloud is perfect for us because it is reliable, cheap and have a lot of features and flexibility we need to ensure constant high quality services for our users.

It’s worth to try it out!


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