Introducing Music Metadata API

Music Metadata API

Many developers have problems connecting different music platforms when using our service. Today, we are pleased to introduce Metadata API, helping you connect third-party platforms by music metadata search. You may remember The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone. Now, we are doing something similar with Metadata API. Simply input the song URL, ISRC, ACRID (internal identifier […]

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Monitor Music on Twitch Live Channels Automatically


ACRCloud is the leading music recognition and broadcast monitoring service provider, it indexed over 72m tracks in its music fingerprinting database and many customers enjoy its services. There are many developers on ACRCloud hacked on Twitch already, now ACRCloud supports monitoring Twitch live channels for music, users could simply input the webpage URL of Twitch […]

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Introducing Timeshift Channel Detection

We are excited to announce the new feature – Timeshift Channel Detection is available for all of our clients who require detecting live channels! Timeshift channels are widely used among TV networks, we’ve made our system much easier to detect this kind of content for our clients. You can set up the timeshift channels with up […]

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Pre-recording on Mobile SDK

There are quite a lot of users wondering why the apps like Shazam recognize audio so quickly? The secret weapon is pre-recording and now you are able to have this amazing feature on your own apps as today we support pre-recording on iOS and Android SDK. Download the latest SDK and integrate on your apps […]

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Pitch Shifting Supported

As you might have noticed that some of the radio stations do pitch shifting and time shifting (aka Audio time-scale/pitch modification) on their live streams, that makes music recognition and radio airplay monitoring a little bit harder on those radio stations. Today we are proud to announce that ACRCloud have supported to recognize audio and […]

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