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Identify Songs by Sound

What is this song?” is a question people ask all the time. As the development of Audio Fingerprinting technology and music Identification cloud service, intelligent softwares have been developed to answer it. Try a online music recognizer.

Music Identification Apps
  • Shazam:  One of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, and discover the music that artists discover themselves.
  • SoundHound: Search, discover and play music. Besides audio fingerprinting, Soundhound supports query by humming.
  • Musixmatch: A community of music lovers building the world’s largest lyrics catalog. It brings together music with lyrics in a beautiful way.
Voice Assistant
  • Siri: After iOS 8, users can now ask Siri to listen to what song is currently playing and will identify it via Shazam.
  • Google Now: Sound Search is built into Google Now, you can find the names of songs playing around you and purchase identified songs on Google Play.
  • Cortana: Microsoft announced Cortana provides music recognition service too but seems like it doesn’t work well.

What’s After Music Identification

Music Purchase

purchase music online

Online Digital Music Stores 

Revenue generated by digital music industry sales worldwide has been increasing from 2005 to 2015, as the following chart shows. ( See data source ).

digital music revenue over years

Music Identification is an important entry point for music purchase. This is because people like to identify songs that touched them or cheer them up, and those songs are often new to them. And there’s a great chance for purchase.

Because of copyright things, some songs can only be published and sold on one specific online music store. So, it’s music identifiers’ duty and opportunity to aggregate multiple online music stores to get users convenience.

Music Recommendation

music identification and music recommendation

User preference is the most important input for any music discovery and recommendation system. However, a lot of users can’t tell the system their tastes because they don’t know how to classify music into genres clearly.

We need a more clever way to find out what users like. Music identification is a strong signal that the user likes the identified songs. Take that into account and stop bother users by let them choose might be better.

Converting Interest to Purchase

purchase things after identifying music

Music fans are just acting as NBA fans. Shazam took one step forward by providing tickets for concerts, festivals. There’s also the market for goods like T-shirts, posters, memento and so on.

Music tastes can also reflect interests and lifestyles for other things, such as books, movies, games, travels.

You can sell things to anyone as long as you know about his interests.

Valuable Music Identification

Data Analytic and Reporting

music identification data analytic

Soundcharts help the music industry make decisions by tracking social, charts, playlists & airplay data in real time and making them available from any device.

These kinds of data is valuable for music companies to track the popularity of artists and predict the trends in the future, so they can adjust their marketing strategies to meet consumers requirements.

Intelligent Audio System for Cars

identify music and songs in cars

The car is a more personalized but frequently used entertainment environment. Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology can be built into the car’s audio system to continuously identify music playing from AM/FM, CDs, satellite radio and streaming services.

Tesla, BMW, Toyota, and Ford have all integrated with music identification to help drivers identify and track songs.

Sound Identification > Music Identification

Second Screen Interaction

Alibaba is the largest E-Commerce platform in the world. They have proved that impulse spending brings great profit. Impulse spending happened most in 10 seconds after users watched an advertisement. 

So they created a feature called “Buy Now” with sound identification technology which identifies what advertisement users are watching and link them to the goods page.

Sound identification can also use for smart TV enhancement by identifying what users are watching all the time and providing more contents related to users’ interests.

Copyright Detection

LeCloud is the Chinese Youtube. User-generated content should be checked to ensure that there’s not copyright issues and illegal contents. Automatic Content Recognition is the key technology for copyright detection and illegal content filtering.

Sound Identification Brings More Intelligent Life

As a fundamental technology, ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) help us reduce labor cost, maintenance cost and make things impossible before possible. There must be more applications to be discovered and developed. A better life is waiting for us.




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