Radio airplay monitoring has never been this easy!

You get an idea of a project with a requirement of knowing what’s the song or commercials played on the radio and TV. Are you trying to build your own radio airplay monitoring system with open source projects? There are lots of pains to do it! It takes lots of time to crunch the code,it’s costly to maintain, and most importantly the system is not efficient.

So how do you get around this?

Here are some examples of how the smart people do this part of the work efficiently:

Radio Airplay Monitoring of Songs:

A Music data intelligence platform for music industry insiders. It brings together real-time and historical music consumption data from charts, radio airplay and social networks, and breaks it down territory by territory.

It uses ACRCloud’s broadcast monitoring service for its radio airplay monitoring data. Soundcharts just inputs the stream URL of the radio stations, and then is able to get the real time data of radio spinning via the Monitoring API. All of the manage works can be done with Console API easily.

Poslovna Spajalica

A service that provides radio airplay reports to copyright collective society in Croatia to collect music royalties from radio stations. Poslovna Spajalica was using an open source project to track radio spins but eventually they found it was more expensive and less efficient to build its own system comparing to using ACRCloud’s cloud service.

Advertising Tracking & Recording:

GH3 helps advertisers monitor commercial played on the radio in Brazil. Advertisers use the report and recording files provided by GH3 to check if the radio stations played advertising on time that they have paid for. GH3 uploads the advertising database to ACRCloud system via API, which then gets the media monitoring results and downloads the recording files of identified advertising also via API. The entire process is automatic.

How do you get started?

It’s easy! Sign up for an account and follow this tutorial to start monitoring airplay today.

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