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Chatbots are definitely the hype of 2016 with the major announcements of Facebook and Microsoft. “What song is this?” is a question people always ask when they heard a song they like. In this blog post we will take you go through the song finder chatbots that are made by developers with ACRCloud music recognition solutions and share their projects with you so it’s easy for you to grab their source code and build your own chatbot.

Song finder chatbots:

Native apps

song finder chat bot

Peach is a messaging app made by Dom Hofmann, Founder of Vine. It was the very first messaging app that came to us and embedded Shazam-a-like music recognition feature in its magic words. The concept of the feature in Peach is very simple: you hear a song you like and want to share with your friends, you type the magic word “song” and Peach starts to listen to the music via microphone. After the song is recognized, you can send the title, artist name with Spotify and Apple Music links to your friends to stream. So Peach offers an official chat bot to do music recognition for their users.

Download on iOS | Android
Learn how to make it: iOS | Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger bot

Facebook launched Messenger Platform in April, and lots of developers start making chatbots for Messenger after that. Canadian developer Zachary Bruggeman made a project of a chatbot for Messenger with a music recognition feature. It allows users to recognize music in surrounding environment and listen to the song on Spotify or watch the video on Youtube. Boom Bot is a bot allow users to identify song in surrounding environment and get lyrics and video of the song. This bot is created by the team. Xong is another chatbot on Messenger can recognize songs which is developed by .

Grab the source code on Github.



MTGBot is a project run by an American developer Daniel Beaupre. It allows user to use command line syntax to do different kind of things in the chat of Twitch channels. For example: Users can key in “!song” in chat of a Twitch channel, and then MTGBot will listen to the live stream, get the song currently playing on that stream and offer a Spotify link for stream.

This is a private project, no source code shared.


WeChat music bot
WeChat is definitely the leader of chatbots on messaging apps. While companies like Facebook announced their bot platform, people from the west didn’t realize WeChat already had a very successful bot platform  – Official Account Platform since 2013. Chinese developer YUX developed a project to recognize music in WeChat official accounts and play the songs.

Grab the source code on Github (in Chinese).


Usman Ismail made a music recognition bot project for a Kik internal hackathon. The concept is similar to Messenger’s bot: users can recognize music then get Youtube, Spotify, Deezer or iTunes link from the bot to stream.

Grab the source code on Github.



Tadam Bot is a song finder bot on Telegram made by Sukach Maxim from Ukraine. It identifies music playing near users and gets the Youtube, Spotify and Deezer links for that song.  Boom Bot is on Telegram as well.

Grab source code of Tadam Bot on Github.


Snapchat is massive. Tons of teenagers are on it and teenagers love music, a huge market! Please let us know if you made a song finder bot on Snapchat.


iMessge Apps

At WWDC 2016, Apple announced App Store for iMessage, and iMessage Apps will be available on iOS10. It gives developers a lot of space to make chat bots. Please let us know if you made a music finder app on iMessage.


Slack is huge in team communication area. Imagine how many people listen to the music while working! Please let us know if you made a music finder bot on Slack.

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